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Starting from 1999, Zhejiang Purple Light Technology Co., Ltd  is professional in R&D, manufacturing and sale of hi-tech optical products.   The company attaches importance to scientific research and development, and has obtained 5 national invention patents since. The company-made patent optical eyeglass products is famed in China,  with supply to over 2000 eyeglass shops. R&D on PET film began in 2005 and succeeded in 2010. In March 2012, UV400 Anti-fatigue Optical Film against Malignant Melanin Cell Cancer, with complete proprietary intellectual property rights,  was awarded National Invention Patent by China State Intellectual Property Office (international patent classification number:  C08L 33/04).

The invention patent realized a breakthrough in radiation protection in UV τMAX band (380-400 nm), filling in the blank of PET optical film with total protection from UV radiations, and becoming the unique UV400 PET optical film in the world. Based on the technology, Z3 brand film, including car window film, building window film, vision-protection film, PC screen film, mobile phone screen film and industrial film, etc. is being used broadly both domestically and internationally. Dubai Phoenix Century Plaza, a commercial complex to be constructed by a Chinese company with USD400 million investment, will be using Z3 film on all its glass walls, windows and skylights. 

The obtainment of the invention patent signifies that the company stands atop in R&D of environment-protective film against UV radiation in China, and in leading position in the industry in the world.

Looking into the future, for development of the advanced optical arena and for the cause of mankind health, the company will keep on innovation and scientific development with high spirit and enthusiasm, and will be turning itself into a bright star of scientific technology in the optical arena.