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Zhejiang Purple Light Technology Obtains 3 National Invention Patents
     Zhejiang Purple Light Technology Co., Ltd obtained 3 National Invention Patent Certificates recently from the State Intellectual Property Office, PRC. The patents, which were independently researched and   developed by the company, are:
•      “Anti-fatigue optical protection material against all UV, malignant melanin cell cancer” (international patent category number:C08L 33/04)
•  “Adhesive against all UV, malignant melanin cell cancer, anti-fatigue and the making method” ((international patent category number: C09J 201/00)
•  “Light-sensitive optical film” (international patent category number: G02B 1/10) .
The obtainment of the national invention patents signifies that the company stands atop in R&D of environment-protective film against UV radiation in China, and in leading position in the same industry in the world.