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the “international automobile aftermarket exhibition
June 18 to June 20 on 2016 Zhejiang Purple Light Technology ltd (ZPLT) participated the “international automobile aftermarket exhibition " in Wuhan China, in this exhibition, the auto films of (ZPLT) was still a big highlight in the exhibition hall, the new patented technology: “hot-melt” attracted many consumers and dealers, the atmosphere of order at scene was heated. Skin care, high heat insulation, 100% block off UV, (ZPLT) continued to breakthrough, step by step to reach the top of the worlds.
The Continually innovation, high quality and perfect customer service is the core for (ZPLT).
We never want to be a follower and using breakthrough and upgrade on technology to exchange customers’ loyalty and consumers’ grace. Today poor quality film erode the market, but (ZPLT) still to obey the principle of quality first, never reduce the cost in exchange for the advantage of low price competition.
New 6 + 1 hot melt film is just new breakthrough, based on 100% block off UV400 radiation technology. Do not use traditional BA adhesive coating process, the use of hot melt technology perfect melt into six functional layers. The new breakthrough of the new process, completely solved the defects of traditional process, degumming, foggy view, aging and fading, affect the signal, edge oxidation, mirror reflection.
"6 + 1” in fact, refers to the two aspect of meaning: in the manufacturing process refers to, the six functional layers perfectly melt into be one, on the performance of the product is refers to the six functions plus one more, skin care. Never Degumming, not fade ageing, does not affect the signal, no glue lines to foggy view, no oxidation, no mirror reflection, and 100% block off UV to permanent skin care.
We have to ask our salespeople to introduce our product to clients with a sincere attitude. During the exposition, we require all of our staff to figure out our customer needs, to recommend the right series of products to right customers.
We never ever give up, and move on to make brand Z3 film to get on another peak. We know that it is not easy, but we deeply believe that no pay, no gain.