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    Building window film series
(UV400 anti-fatigue optical film against malignant melanin cell cancer)
◆Invention Patent    ◆International Patent Classification No:C08L 33/04     

Art No.


Technical parameter

Influence to human body by solar UV



Visible Light Transmittance: 65%
Solar Energy Rejection:45%
UV Penetration:0
titanium & platinum sputtering

UV-τMax Band (380-400nm): with strong penetration capability, causing great damage to hypodermal cell, making skin suntanned, sunburned and freckled, causing shaping of human body melanin and turning into malignant melanin cell cancer. Long time exposure to UV radiation will seriously hurt the eyes, causing myopia and cataract.
UV-A Band(315-380nm): with moderate penetration capability, causing considerable damage to human skin and earlier aging; causing fading and aging of clothing, furniture, arts and crafts, etc.
UV-B Band(280-315nm): with some penetration capability, making skin dry and causing sunburn to skin.
UV-C Band(100-280nm):  with little penetration capability, absorbed by the ozone layer before reaching to the Earth, causing little damage to skin.



Visible Light Transmittance: 70%
Solar Energy Rejection:30%
UV Penetration:0
Nano art polymerization

Z3-JM1701  1.52m×50m Visible Light Transmittance: 20%
Solar Energy Rejection:75%
UV Penetration:0
Heat-blocking: titanium sputtering
Z3-JM1704 1.52m×50m Visible Light Transmittance: 35%
Solar Energy Rejection:60%
UV Penetration:0
Heat-blocking: titanium sputtering



Visible Light Transmittance: 40%
Solar Energy Rejection:65%
UV Penetration:0
Heat-blocking: Aluminum-plating



Visible Light Transmittance: 50%
Solar Energy Rejection:50%
UV Penetration:0
Heat-blocking: titanium sputtering


Note: test done with film stuck onto 5mm glass.